Foggie Flower Show Marque Dance

<!-- Text for hte marquee dance page, currently only an image but text can easily be addded. --> <center> <p>Aberchirder Flower Show</p> <p>Foggie Show Liscenced Marquee Disco - Night Fever Disco</p> <p>McRobert Park, Aberchirder</p> <p>SATURDAY 12th AUGUST 2017</p> <p></p> <p>times: tbc</p> <p>ADMISSION tbc BY TICKET ONLY Strictly over 18's (photo ID will be required) </p> <p><b></b></p> <p></p> <Br> Dance Secretary: Aileen Wilson</p> <p> For Ticket Sales/enquiries Contact: 01466 780 964 or available from Co-Op, Aberchirder</p> </center> <Br> <Br> <center> <img src = "images/NightFever.jpg" width = "678" height = "480" alt = "Marquee Dance" /> <p>Photo courtesy of Billy Brown Signs & Web Design <a href = "" target = "_blank"></p> </center>